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Advertising for the guest of tomorrow presents enormous challenges for every region. New information technologies and media of the location & tourism market 4.0 make an update of the previous standards urgently necessary, in order to be able to use the advantages of the digitization in the competition for more customers ...

Part of the answer to the digital transformation is the virtual reality concept, which Schwarzwald Tourismus GmbH is currently implementing with its premium partner 360 SORTMARKETING AG. In the future, the project will network and present enterprises, sights and excursion destinations in their surroundings to unique virtual worlds of experience, which can be used across the entire system for the entire Internet.

360 degree panoramas

The first stage is a web-based platform where potential guests can move with their PC, Tablet, Phone & VR-glasses to get to know the offers in the holiday region of Schwarzwald. This opens up a wide range of emotional access routes to potential customers. This stage should be reached for CMT 18.

In Phase 2, the platform becomes a virtual marketplace where all connected companies can use the 360-degree image material they create as a digital shop window. Via a password-protected content management system, they can add changing offers, vouchers or news to your visitors for the virtual environment.

A comprehensive placement of the new "electronic tourist information" is an essential prerequisite for the success of the project Virtual Schwarzwald. The interactive screen provides a round-the-clock presence. At the same time, it is a valuable source of information for the guest, which can be "enriched" in any region.

You can also give our partner an attractive location, such as tourist information, well-frequented attractions (museums) or shopping centers, and make them available for the project.

To the current project situation: The recordings for the digitization of the tourist highlights are already in full swing. We would like to ask the responsible persons of the top excursion destinations in the holiday region to support the camphorams as best as possible. The resulting new digital content will be integrated into the websites of STG. The growing portfolio of image material will soon be available to all partners of the STG and the participating companies. Further information will follow soon.

Please keep in mind that 360-city marketing is geared towards the selection of the local attractions at Please complete the local entries accordingly.

More about the company

Further information and contacts:

Udo Rauschenberger, CEO & Founder of GLOBAL 24 SA, 360TOURISTnet, Konstanz, Tel. +49 (0) 1522 1009955,

E-mail: urauschenberger@360Standort.Marketing, www.360Standort.Marketing

Schwarzwald Tourismus GmbH: Madeleine Huber, Online-Redaktion / Online-PR,

STG's main office in Freiburg, phone: +49 (0) 761.89646-78, e-mail:

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The employees of the tourism board and local tourist offices are always ready to help you with your concerns!

Discover Black Forest virtually with 360 degrees views of accommodations, attractions, events, activities and much more! Please send us your questions about appointments and availabilities via contact form.

If you have any questions regarding the Virtual Reality project, your local 360TOURIST-Expert is always at your disposal.

The treasures of the region are Multi-device capable (also 3D glasses) and designed to convince potential guests emotionally... this is our goal. "VIRTUAL REALITY" is the future! Encourage yourself as a sponsor. More information: www.360Standort.Marketing

The 360TOURIST-Team will be glad to provide you with exclusive offers for sponsors and/or local companies in the region.

Our attention to detail and technology provides the base to create 360° panoramic images in amazing quality. A portfolio of more than 100,000 panorama pictures and virtual tours from all over the world can be found on our travel portal at: