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Now it was finally time ... the first new high-end device with two 43-inch touch-screen displays ... took over in the foyer of the town hall of Schiltach. In addition to the information you receive from the friendly staff of the Schiltach Tourist Information, visitors and new citizens can now view additional 360-degree impressions of the Schiltach highlights and further information at the terminal.

As the Black Forest has so much more to offer, the typical Schwarzwald holidaymaker not only stays in one place, but also eagerly visits the locations of the respective regions with their varied attractions. With the virtual map of the entire Black Forest region, the terminal offers an overregional supplementary service, which enables visitors to visit the sights, which are still on your wish list, to be able to get a virtual impression ... a unique one Service!

Read what the representatives of the Schwarzwald Boten have to report about the new electronic colleagues of the Touris-Information: Press report Schwarzwald Boten

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The employees of the tourism board and local tourist offices are always ready to help you with your concerns!

Discover Black Forest virtually with 360 degrees views of accommodations, attractions, events, activities and much more! Please send us your questions about appointments and availabilities via contact form.

If you have any questions regarding the Virtual Reality project, your local 360TOURIST-Expert is always at your disposal.

The treasures of the region are Multi-device capable (also 3D glasses) and designed to convince potential guests emotionally... this is our goal. "VIRTUAL REALITY" is the future! Encourage yourself as a sponsor. More information: www.360Standort.Marketing

The 360TOURIST-Team will be glad to provide you with exclusive offers for sponsors and/or local companies in the region.

Our attention to detail and technology provides the base to create 360° panoramic images in amazing quality. A portfolio of more than 100,000 panorama pictures and virtual tours from all over the world can be found on our travel portal at: